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Check out these daredevils that don't care about what the police want them to do. These motorcycles out run police officers with ease.
Will these guys ever be caught, or will they continue to our run the police?
Will the police ever implement new ways of catching these guys?
Payback is a bitch just know the government has power MAY DONALD TRUMP HAVE MERCY ON THEM
Still funny as hell though.
Yea paybacks is a MF. better hope those 4 wheelers don't have any lic plates. Even if they don't catch you they will eventually, they have dash cams, they go back and id people, then paybacks a MF for you. You will be caught.
Notice at 9:06 when cop got out his car he had is gun pulled out....And for what, no violent crimes were being commited.
The only people need arrested were the ones rapping at the beginning of this video!
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