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As an American driver watching that, even though it's legal I can't help but think how crazy this driver is. How much faith he must have in his fellow motorists to follow traffic laws, be aware of his presence, and not cut him off.Even if this were legal in America there is no way in hell I'd ever go that fast.
When driving on the autobahn, keep in mind that there is always someone faster than you, so get out of the way.
That was crazy, it's amazing how much better at driving the Germans are then Americans. We suck compared to this level of skilll
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The bike must be limited at 300kph or something
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the meter is limited at 299 but the bike can go faster
a year ago
@RobynSecor I think you're right
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Wouldn't that be great! I love it! I would love to open mind up like that and roll! The autobahn would be cool!
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