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We still have to wait a couple of weeks until The Order: 1886 is out, but new stuff about the game keeps coming out. The latest news we got is a new screenshot and two character models which were showcased by the game’s creative director Ru Weerasuriya during his speech at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas.
The two character models you see are Galahad and Perceval and the great news is that even though these look like renders, they’re actually in-game models, which we have to admit, is pretty impressive.
@hunahuna I usually respect boogie's opinion, even if he does paid reviews and such
@TeamWaffles @RobynSecor Fantastic reviews so far. I know Boogie2988 reviewed it as well and had good things to say...we shall see
@TeamWaffles I want to have really high hopes, but I don't want to be disappointed. So far reviews have been good though
Beautiful, really looking forward to this game. Thanks for sharing these screens