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An awkward set of mannequins with cowboy hats and clean dresses warning us that the place is surveilled by camera; a weird looking capsule (spaceship?) on which one can read “Jessica Nordet Yamaska”; a half constructed house in a field; a colored terrace in the forest.
These images (and others) from Steve Veilleux’s Work in Progress series adds up to create a mysterious set of photographs. This series ultimately shows spaces where time lingers in between events.
I'm sort of digging this. Especially that spaceship looking thing. I'm assuming Jessica Nordet Yamaska could be the person that made it?
Interesting body of work. "A space where time lingers in between events." Really interesting concept right there, a lot can be done with that
@dillonk Thought you'd like that! @danidee I'm not entirely sure, I tried googling that phrase and all that came up was this photography project!