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I already wear extensions and I don't know what to colour my hair. I was getting very bored so I went to the local beauty supply and spent 11 dollars on two one clip 14 inch (nothing shorter or longer then 14 inchs) of real human hair. I've done this dark red to. so when ever I'm bored of my hair I switch it up until I really know what I want to do.
I should start doing that because my hair is starting to look dull.
Thanks yeah I do the same thing. I've dyed my hair so many colours in the past 3 years I'm seriously surprised it's not dead even more so because I did it with box dye. so I've been doing that for the past couple and it's worked once I get bored of it I just stop wearing the colour and either not wear the colour or find a new one
That's a really good tip. I'm usually tempted to get my hair color and actually get it done. But I end up getting bored of it really fast.