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I know we've all had our fair shares of falls and was wondering if any of you guys have got more internal injuries from falling off your longboards. Cause usually I only get external injuries like scrapes and scratches, but two days ago I actually twisted my ankle a little (did a 180 Coleman and Ran into a curb). But that's not the big thing I'm worried bout cause that's feeling better. I actually think I may have hurt my back cause even though I was fine when I fell flat on my back doing some low speed, flat-top slides, it hurt like hell today, sitting in chairs for hours at school made it so it was almost unbearable to stand up and go to lunch, I snapped at someone who thought it was no big deal it hurt so bad but I don't wanna have to see a doctor just yet. Any of you guys have a problem like this before. And oh yeah if you don't know I'm only 17. So back pain is not normal.
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So far it just seems to be muscle pain if it lasts through the next week I'll go see a doctor.
Ive fracture to the tailly bone, messed up the wrist bones in the left hand twice, popped the right side of my rips good once. Other than thats a lotta skin an blood an holes.
yeah, my back hurts now after I overestimated how hard to throw my body during a run for a slide. I also have an impinged nerve in my right hand because at the time I didn't have gloves :/ Always sucks, man.
Real quick Im not arguing with any Im just stating that fact that chiropractic services are actually horrible for you. Also Doctors are creepy and get paid to fix whats "wrong" with you.
@SteveLee772 Yup, don't go like every week. My chiropractor told me to never come back again because repeated treatment can worsen the condition. He did however teach me several stretches and massages I can do on my own to maintain my body condition. Go to a doctor recommended place, not some sketchy ass place like that lol