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OK, everyone, I know that I've already complained about Valentine's Day once before, but now that just a week is left until the big day, I'm actually starting to feel the "oh God I'm single" feeling all over again!
So, it's time for take two: a realistic guide to surviving Valentine's WEEK, because surviving Valentine's Day isn't enough! Who's with me?! If you're anything like me and you can't get V-day off your mind, this will help.

1. Don't hate every couple you see.

Now, this might sound kind of silly, but I know that during Valentine's season I get unreasonably mad at every single couple I see on the street. Seriously. And what did they do? Find someone they care about? What's so wrong about that! Isn't it what I want to do, too? So, rather than sending shock waves of angry and jealousy to every couple you see, enjoy the sight. Just think: someday, you'll look just as cute as them, and don't you want people to admire you, too?
Don't hate them. Just look confident as you walk on. There's not shameful about flying solo, especially when you know how to stand tall and strong on your own!

2. Spend the Week Planning for the Big Day!

Yes, I am telling you to spend all week thinking about Valentine's Day! Won't that make you miserable? Absolutely not: because you're going to have amazing plans, too! You can plan any number of things (a group trip with friends, a girl's night out, a night in with a friend, a night in alone with a fancy dinner for yourself, whatever!) But whatever you plan, make it BIG! Spend all week planning the details and gearing yourself up for it, just like you might for a big presentation or date. If you're cooking yourself a fancy dinner, go shopping, do prepwork, clean the house, whatever! Just make it big. You deserve to be pampered, you know, so why not prepare for you special night with YOU like you would for one with anybody else? That's what I plan to do!

3. If you want to get set up on a date...

...don't get set up for Saturday aka V-day. Seriously!!! Let me explain why: if you go on an arranged date on Valentine's Day, it's bound to be awkward, even if it goes well. You can't help it! Do you really want to be out with someone you just met when all the couples around you are clearly wayyyy more lovey-dovey? Do you want to feel extra pressure that you HAVE to like them? I don't think so.
So, it is the season of love, but if you want to go on some blind dates, do it during the week or plan them for next week. It'll work out better in the long run!

4. Buy yourself something nice.

They say money can't buy happiness, and for the most part, they're right. But you can buy a better mood, even if just for a few days. Have you had your eye on a purse or sweater you've been wanting? If you can afford it, splurge a little! Do you love receiving flowers, or one of those awesome edible baskets? Send one to yourself! Either way, splurge a little, and make yourself smile, even if just for a few extra hours.

5. Read a book this week!

It might sound silly, but reading a book is kind of like escaping this world and going to another. Or, if you're more into nonfiction, it's all about finding out about another story, of another person. Either way, you can indulge in a little escapism!
Just remember: don't let it get you down when you come back to reality! If you read a romance book, don't let it bum you other. Rather, thing about how grateful you are to even have known love, and to have a great family, etc.

6. Cook yourself a fancy dinner.

Cook yourself a really, delicious dinner. Every single day this week. Seriously. I'm not joking.
Listen up: good food makes me happy, and your favorite foods are bound to do the same for you! So go shopping this weekend and get everything you would need to make some delicious meals and snacks this week. Then, take the time to do so this weekend. You won't regret it, and your waist line will totally forgive you, too! (save the dieting for a happier time of year. Trust me.)

7. Stop reading about how to survive Valentine's Day!!

I know I'm the one writing this (and thanks for reading it? lol) but seriously. The longer we sit around and think about how to survive Valentine's Day, the worse we are making it. Just go out and live your life. Since this advice applies to me, too, I'm going to end this card now. Good luck, everyone!
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Yessssss. Some of these are totally what I do. I'm so excited for Valentine's Day and I don't even have a date!
@noorkhlil I just try to be positive!! Everyone should try it lol
I'm so pumped to cook for myself!
we do as much of u do @onesmile u seem like a great person to take it in that kindda spirit
@noorkhlil You're right, hah!! I don't know what it's like to be a guy on Valentine's day, but I think you could probably do much of the same :D
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