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"Why does the caged bird sing? Perhaps this question underlines the entire human endeavor. As humans, our greatest desire is to be free. But this freedom can only be achieved if we take upon ourselves certain limitations, and many times, agree to partly submit to others. No one experience this paradox more intensely than performing artists. It is our mission, therefore, to demonstrate to this and future generations, that the paradox can be untangled, that when the caged bird sings, it is still a song for freedom." Paul Taylor joined the Martha Graham dance company in 1955, in parallel to him already running his own team. He and Martha had this unique relationships, based on mutual admiration and characterized by a private humor. At that year, Bethsabee's plans for a world tour for the company have finally materialized. She took care of all the arrangements and logistics, and she was also the wardrobe mistress, as she promised she will be. Later, Paul will write in his autobiography, that being this his first tour, he thought that wardrobe mistresses are always baronesses. They were a clan, a cult with its own belief system and its own rituals. It was the second half of the 1950's, a time when it seemed like everything could be doubted. The world tour was a great success. The audiences loved their new interpretation of the art of dance. They were as happy and contended as anyone can be. But things were about to change once more, forcing each of them to consider his own concepts of cages and songs of freedom.
Interesting change from the descriptive dialogue of the previous sections. I like this section's background , as well as the moving forward of the story.
I enjoyed this story progression. Ready to read more! :)