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Did someone say live action Zelda?!
There is a slight, slight, slight possibility that Netflix will be making a live action version of The Legend of Zelda. (And I say very very slight because Netflix won't comment, Nintendo won't comment, and they don't even have a screenwriter). But it is a possibility, and if it happens its going to be aimed at a family-audience.
And I have questions. Well one big question, really:
Link doesn't have a voice. We have never HEARD link. We have no idea what link should sound like. What voice will he get?!!?!
OK I have another question: who will play Link?! I'm less concerned about who will play Zelda, but who will play Link is really important to me. He has to have the perfect hair.
I don't know if this will really happen or not, but it should be interesting if it does!
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Link definitely has a voice, haven't you heard this classic: "HHHAAAAAAAAAAA" or what about "HYYYUUUAHHHHH"
Nintendo does NOT like to license out any of their creations. They can even be sticklers with people even putting images on Youtube of their games. I'm doubtful to say the least :\, it would be cool though!