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One of the most classic kiddie songs has been given a do-over, and it is rocking! Actually, I am not the authority on rocking, but this is positively rocking the cuteness factor! So, I will walk you through the emotional roller coaster I had as I watched this!

Music stops, her passion stops, my heart melts

At 00:13: "Where did it go?"

At 00:20, laughed uncontrollably

At 00:54, pure happiness erupts

At 1:01, cuteness overload!

So here is the video. Let me know if you felt the same things at those times, or if other times caught your attention! And of course, at the end~

After finishing the song, I feel like this >

I will never see metal the same ever again~~~~
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Hahahah that baby looks so mad when they do it too.