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Three Tips in Baking Cookies
Do you love baking cookies (but sometimes have cookies that burnt on the bottom) or are you learning to bake nice cookies? Check out this article to find 3 important tips in baking perfect cookies (based on my experiences): http://shar.es/rP0QB
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this is very useful. thanks!
5 years ago·Reply
hmmm i prefer chocolate chip cookies though... i like famous amos cookies??? @thewanderer do u have recipes for that?
5 years ago·Reply
my cookies always burn at the bottom, but are still raw in the middle T.T Will definitely check this out.
5 years ago·Reply
@cicicuit thanks! @notafluke yes, choc chips usually taste better on cookies.. sorry, i have not experimented with making the famous amos kind of cookies just yet.. :D
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