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hopefully this link will work! But!! yes this is the full concert I recorded everything except for 1 VCR my camera died I had to switch batteries :( Also! I changed the settings on my camera again -_- but I noticed and I changed it after a few performances (you will notice the difference) I was vvip so I was able to get hi touch and fansign ^^ I couldnt record that but I got a small clip before I went on stage towards the end of this video :) enjoy!! you wanted more concert footage and I'm keeping my promise ^^
Oh my goddddd You're the BEST I am so glad you got to go!!!
When I went to KCON I put FRESH BATTERIES into my camera, and they STILL died.
I'm glad I bougtmht an extra battery I almost didnt haha @danidee
Yayayayay so cool. I hate when my camera dies when I need it to work work work btw. I feel like that's the only time it ever does!