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my wrist is destroyed (what you seein the pic i didn't see til i took my gloves off) and i just lost a little on my hip..#acebandageandslinglife
Amen! tell em man, good job for following your passion
just cause the road rash doesn't look like much doesn't mean you have to talk down on him.. hes out there trying to have fun not trying to get the most road rash haha @0BryceMcGarity0
@AnthonyZwolinsk If you would've posted up x-ray pictures I would've been like "Damn it sucks you broke your wrist but I still wish my road rash was that small." Honestly how is anyone supposed to tell it's broken?
Ahhhh man that sucks, and I'm sorry this happened to you m8 @AnthonyZwolinsk
@0BryceMcGarity0 it turned out its broken in a few different in a wrist splint and i was geared out..if it weren't for my gloves,kneepads, and helmet then it probably would have been WAY worse..its not the rash that hurt me, i have cerebral palsy on my left side too, so you need to think about what you type, ik it doesn't look like much but dang definitely dont want to be me
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