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Authentic Mexican Fried Bananas (Veracruz, Mexico)
Easy to make: Portion: 1 banana per person Ingredients: -plantain banana -oil Optional: -Sour cream -fresh crumbling cheese or -granulated sugar Preparation: 1-cut the plantain banana in half and peel it. 2- cut the plantain in slices as thin as possible. 3- fry the plantain slices in a pan with oil. 4- turn them when they're golden brown and watch them so they don't get burn. 5- serve them with sour cream and cheese or with sugar. Estos platanos son faciles de hacer: Porcion: 1 platano por persona Ingredientes: -platano macho -aceite Opcional: -media crema -queso o -azucar Preparacion: 1- Se corta el platano macho a la mitad y se le quita la cascara. 2- Se corta el platano macho en tiras lo mas delgadas posible. 3- Se frien las tiras de platano en un sarten con aceite. 4- Se voltean cuando estan doraditos y se cuidan para que no se quemen. 5- Se sirven con media crema y queso o con azucar.
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Yummm! I want to try this. I love cooking Mexican food. I made elote a few weeks ago!
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thanks i hope you try them and like them. I love them and i love elotes too! :)
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This can also totally be added to the new Latino Food community! these look so amazing
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my wife makes these :)
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