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such a beautiful, lovely, sweet collaboration ♥♥♥ credit to its actual owner I am just sharing and spreading the love ♥ Enjoy Everyone. :-) 맥케이 (McKay) - Angel 2 Me (Duet. Jeff Bernat) MV:
(Also I asked him who would win if JYP, YG, and BoA had to fight to the death, and he said BoA. No questions asked. Hahahaha.)
Yayayayay McKay! I interviewed him a year or so ago for a Korean company I used to work for. He's from San Diego too! :)
Wow the song is AMAZING I fell in love with it and McKay wow he has a voice this song was a warming in my hart I had to hear it 3 times I pray that we will hear more of him blessing
thankyou everyone glad you like it please support this new artist with such a lovely voice Mckay he is a member of Racoon boys and also signed with Dorothy definitely hope to see more of him in future he is so talented and this collaboration is so beautiful thanks and enjoy. :)
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