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such a beautiful, lovely, sweet collaboration ♥♥♥ credit to its actual owner I am just sharing and spreading the love ♥ Enjoy Everyone. :-) 맥케이 (McKay) - Angel 2 Me (Duet. Jeff Bernat) MV:
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(Also I asked him who would win if JYP, YG, and BoA had to fight to the death, and he said BoA. No questions asked. Hahahaha.)
@danidee you're so lucky :-D he is quite handsome talented and smart ;-) ♥ thanks 4 sharing this info.
Wow the song is AMAZING I fell in love with it and McKay wow he has a voice this song was a warming in my hart I had to hear it 3 times I pray that we will hear more of him blessing
@danidee thanks for sharing the article you did a great job interviewing him he is really talented and sweet i wish him success in future hope 2 c alot more of him and you 2 friend god bless you have a nice day thanks and enjoy :-) ♥