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This is my first story so plz don't judge. thanks! One night that is all it took for my life to end up like this. It was all because of that dumb cat. I wish I wasn't curious and stupid. 1 month ago. I was in my room and I was doing my homework. then that black cat showed up in my window. It looked starved, I decided to take it in. My mom said if I was going to take care of it I had to buy the supplies myself. So it was a deal. We had good times for a couple days. Then he started to sneak off at night then be gone for a week. I got curious. So one night I decided to follow him. Big mistake! when he spotted me he wasn't a cat I was a call and all I said was meow. Then I blacked out. When I woke up. I was in a cellar with a bunch of other cats. The black cat looked at me and shut the cellar door. He led us to houses that we had to beg to the people in there to let in and I they didn't oh well. Its not like we can get to them and there house. If see a cat at your door I suggest you let them in because you don't want anything to happen now do you. Thanks for reading. Please leave your thought in the comments!!!? please comment any suggestions for other writing topics
good, keep it up.
I love cats. That was pretty good