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Meet me at the bell tower Edgar Allen,
in lucid dreams.

And we'll say nevermore, nevermore....

Look Edgar Allen, look....
the devil is
in the bell tower. Or maybe it's
the raven
in disguise; playing havoc with our imaginations.

We must leave this place at once
before it drives us mad
and we start to forget everything.

Write it down Edgar Allen;
write it down.

Help me find the ending sir;
master of ideas grim and problematic.

Help me find the ending sir;
mere mortal of things sublime and hideous.

Finding the refrain, I say your name....
its unlovely sound fills the air;
captures ghastly things and holds them in my wild dreams.

And I arrest them and keep them captive till daybreak.

And before I wake
you must meet me at the
bell tower. And help me....

I tear out the last page
and return to the inkwell once more....
while the Angels
keep weeping....

Help me find the ending,
help me find the ending
Edgar Allen Poe.
Another enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing.
Right on brother =D Thanks sir
I really love this piece. You incorporate a man we know in poetry, sure, but in a way we don't: asking more of him than he ever gave, and I love it.