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Posted this a while ago. And props to @ujeany for patching me up back in September, and showing me the magic of Tegaderm! Here is my original post: Tegaderm is a clear/transparent dressing that lasts a few days, and it's waterproof so you can shower; and not have to worry about water hitting your wound. Pretty cool being able to see your road rash heal before your eyes (well, not really but you can stare at it all day if you want), lol. Here is my original post:
Bandages. You mean bitch stickers. Lol.
I love the clear, gel like, waterproof bandages they work so much better.
My moms a nurse so whenever I wipe out her motherly instincts go crazy and wapow next thing you know there's a bajillion boxes of hi tech bandages, wipes, antiseptics, you name it. Thanks for sharing- I'll have to mention it to my mom next time I get my fair share on concrete!
Yeah, tegaderm is great! My father used to use it.