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I am looking for new wheels, any suggestions for some new wheels for my atom dropdeck longboard. My whole area is mostly flat so I won't have many hills, but I like to do flat ground slides.I have butter balls but I'm still wondering if I should get new wheels, depending on the suggestions. Personal experiences with certain wheels?
Any orangatang centerset wheels. Brilliant for flat and streets. Cages are my favorite, but are probably heavy if you ever wanna do flatground tricks and slides
Another guy with an Atom dropdeck! I have the same board, and I have it set up with Caliber 2 44° trucks, and Abec 11 Grippins. The Grippins are good for sliding, but still provide a good amount of grip
i have orangotang 4president 70mm wheels and ehlers cruser 76mm wheels both are great! the orangotangs for me have lasted longer but the ehlers are a little cheaper.