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Wow the actress is really pretty!! She doesn't look Japanese though... ------------------------------------------------------------- Mina Fujii will appear in Japanese traditional wear. The shoots for her scenes took place on locale in Japan. According to SBS on November 1, Mina Fujii enjoyed her time on set with a bright smile on her face, and even interpreted for staff and Jun Mu Song, who plays President Watanabe, with her fluent Korean. Mina Fujii previously appeared in front of Korean audiences as the star of singer Zia′s music video. Mina Fujii will play Akiko, the wife of President Watanabe. President Watanabe is a Korean resident in Japan who chooses to invest in the drama Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) and Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryeo Won) produce. Akiko loves Korean dramas, and so is fluent in Korean. After her shoot, Mina Fujii told enews through SBS, "Akiko spills Watanabe′s secrets to Anthony Kim, and is a cute and attractive figure. I was nervous to be in a piece starring Kim Myung Min, and I was thankful toward him because he taught me a lot about acting in between shoots. Korean dialogue is more difficult to pronounce and enunciate than Japanese dialogue, but I′ll work hard thinking of myself as a rookie, and become able to take up Korean roles in the future." The King of Dramas, which is set to air following Faith, is a comedic drama about how three individualistic figures come together to produce a drama. It stars Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Siwon and Oh Ji Eun.
oh yeah she is!!
she's really pretty indeed!