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You may not know this if you do not work in a salon, but sanitizing is held very highly in this industry. Proper sanitation prevents the spread of fungal and bacterial diseases from one client to the next and helps to ensure safe working conditions within the salon. Even if we do not work in a salon our hairstyling tools needs to be clean often to lower the risk of bacteria forming. Since we use our hairbrush almost daily, it needs to be clean at least once a month (even if you don't share it with others).
Here's an easy way to sanitize your brush:
1. Using a rat tail comb, rake through the bristles using a comb, your fingers or a toothpick to remove as much of the old hair that is trapped in the bristles as you can.
2. Run the brushes under the warm water for a bit, soaking the bristles. Taking a shampoo, or even a hand wash, evenly distribute it on the brush and then work it into the bristles until it creates a nice foam.
3. After soaking, any remaining hair in the brush will be softened, so try to clean through the bristles once more. Then give the brush one final rinse in lukewarm water.
4. Set on a towel to dry.
What's a rat tail comb? Is that the one with the super thin handle?
@danidee @nannysally in my state they're usually sold in burnt orange xP i have curly hair, so i only finger brush, but i clean my girlfriends brush everyday lol
@danidee Yes, that's the good old rat tail comb. They are usually sold in black!
Okay, i'm convinced. I guess it's time to finally clean my brushes!
I've just cleaned my brush. I feel like I have digested something that was stuck inside of me for day! Yay! :)
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