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I've been a fan of Audrey Kawasaki's art for a pretty long time now, so it's awesome seeing her work on a Hint Mint tin. Hint Mint seems to be really cool too - I didn't know this, but apparently they do artist collaborations a lot! God, I would lose all my money to them.
love the artwork!!
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wow pretty package!
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This is so pretty!! do you know if they sell it outside US?
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@sanqyurian: the official webstore only sells to the US and Canada, but it says you can call for international orders? You can probably find it on ebay, but if you really like the art, you could probably just look for the artist directly! :D Support local art, yay!
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@Lyang I like the package too actually but neah, too lazy to ebay-it :p thx for the info^^
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