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Having too much clothes never seem to be a problem in a girl's closet. However, during college I learned a lesson - don't overfill your closet. You will run into a problem when it's time to move out of your dorm or apartment. During my senior year, before moving back home I started to look for consignment stores (months ahead of move-out date) to get rid of my pre-loved excellent condition clothes. The perks of starting early is (1) I don't have to pack much during June, (2) I can save up for my graduation dress, and (3) I can use the last month to do something else other than cleaning.
Therefore, if you're looking for a place to turn your wardrobe rejects into extra cash below are a few consignment stores I've used.
This place has an awesome mix of modern and vintage items, so even if you're not reselling your clothes they have a good selections of clothes you might want to pick up. One suggestion for reselling - If you want to save time and a have a better experience, give them a call beforehand to see what trends they're consigning.
They currently only operate in the east coast. They get a lot of classic pieces from high-end brands consigned from people in the neighborhood (especially in the upper east side). If you're lucky you can even pick out a nice evening dress 50-70% off retail price. For consignment it's a bit tricky. Items that are accepted will be placed on sale for 90 days and items can be reclaimed anytime during the consignment period. If after 90 days your items are not sold you have to come pick it up or it'll be donated. So, if you're looking for fast cash this might not be your choice.
You can find pieces from low-end brands and some high-end brands in this consignment store. The process is really simple and quite similar to Buffalo Exchange. Bring in your gently used brand name items, the buyer will review it, and create an offer based on style, condition and current stock levels.
Online Consignments
Ebay - You all know the deal.
Poshmarks - No middle man, everything is pretty much under your control. You take a snap of your items, list it on the site (mobile only), and directly receive money from the buyer. Note: Poshmarks takes 20% commission of all sales.
Tradesy - Mainly designer items. They provide free-shipping labels and takes commissions as little as 9%.
That's my list of consignment! What's your favorite place to thrift and resell?
@klearboredom What's vinted?
I never heard of these places! Although I used poshmark!
Buffalo Exchange was my favorite consignment store before I found a nearby vintage store a couple block from where I live.