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She looks in the mirror. She stares at the person in the mirror, she turns to the left and then the right. She walks away then comes right back. She stares at the mirror for along time. She is under the spell that the girl in the mirror has on her. The girl in the mirror judges her. The girl points out her flaws, her mistakes, she tares her down till she is nothing. She has no choice but to stand there and take it. She is weak and patheic. She holds out her arms and see the mark. They are faded but they are still there. There to mock her and to let her know she is weak. She lifts up her shirt to see the marks there. The girl in the mirror laughs at her. She finds her to be a joke. She crumbles to the floor feeling like she wants to cry but the tears wont come. They havent for months. She is sick of not being strong. She is sick of the mirror telling her she is not pretty, fat, usless. She gets up looking close to the mirror. Challengeing the girl to put her down, to make her feel more of a mess then she really is. She closes her eyes looking for that strength, the power to get this girl out of the mirror. When she opens her eyes the girl is gone, the mirror is shattered. She looks at her hand and sees the blood dripping down her hand to her arm to the floor. She was hoping to find refief but the girl is lauging in her head. It's all in her head.
Very strong images through this piece; to anyone who can truly relate to the occurrences, I wish you luck in being strong. Overall, nice writing.
What's in our heads and whats in our heart are two different things. well expressed