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Tickets for actor Jung Il Woo’s first fan meeting in Taiwan sold out after four minutes. The fan meeting will be held at Neo Studio in Taiwan on December 8 under the title ‘The promise of the first snow.’ Many fans had been waiting in line to buy tickets for the fan meeting since early in the morning. Jung wanted to spend some time up close and personal with his fans, so he planned to hold a small fan meeting with 600 fans. However, since the tickets sold out after only four minutes, fans who couldn’t buy tickets asked for an additional fan meeting from the promoter. A local official says, “Since Jung is holding the first fan meeting in Taiwan, it is receiving considerable attention. There are many fans who couldn’t buy tickets.” “Many people asked for an additional fan meeting so we decided to hold one more fan meeting. We think the tickets for the second fan meeting will sell out as well.” The tickets for the second fan meeting will go on sale on November 9 at 12:30 p.m. in Taiwan.
what about us here in mla??? bench pls take him here pls... with min ho again.