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There's so much going on in February - Valentine's Day, President's Day and Black History Month! In addition to those public celebration, here are some food events you don't want to miss out in February 2015.
Marie Callender’s: Whole Pie To Go sale, ends on March 1. Cost $7.99. Excludes cheesecakes, seasonal fresh fruit and promotional pies.
Williams Sonoma's: February 15 Asian Cooking - Stir Fry Class. Call your local Williams-Sonoma to register and find out times for free technique classes. Must register at least 24 hours in advance.
NYC Restaurant Week: February 16 - March 6. Here's your chance to try out different cuisine in New York City. Gather with some friends and eat up!
Marie's Callendar pies are the best!
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I love Williams Sonoma! I've been to a couple of their free cooking classes and that has upgraded my cooking skills.
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Restaurant week is always a thing to look forward to.
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Welp, guess I've got a few more weeks to figure out which pie I want to buy.
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@danidee The blueberry pie and lemon pie is a personal favorite!
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