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You know that gooey sauce that's used on Big Macs and other burgers? In a recent marketing stunt, the fast food company bottled it up and auctioned it on Ebay for an insane amount. McDonald's Australia are currently selling off a 500ml bottle of special sauce, one in a limited, numbered edition of 200.
Just in case you're wondering, it's currently going for over AU $23,000 on eBay (and only pre-approved buyers can bid). The auction ends on Wednesday February 11, at 9.00pm AEST, in addition, 100% of the auction will go towards Ronald McDonald House Charities.
I'm officially out of word to describe this insanity, with that amount I can purchase 10+ designers bag! Why would I buy a special sauce when I can run down the street and grab a bite for $2?
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$18,000? That's crazy!
3 years ago·Reply
Okay but that's kind of gross though..
3 years ago·Reply
it can't be that special if you go to in n out ask them to make the fries animal pretty much taste like the big Mac sauce
3 years ago·Reply
@Lupet You're right. I actually prefer the In n Out animal style fries over this.
3 years ago·Reply