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World-renowned star BoA is lovesick?
Singer BoA seemed to have fallen for actor Song Joong Ki who starred in the movie, Wolf Boy. On November 3, BoA posted her movie review on her Twitter, “I would raise 10 wolf boys if they are like him. It was amazing. Wait up.” Singer Park Ji Min, who got to know her through SBS’s audition program K Pop Star, commented, “Did you watch the movie too? I just watched it and can’t stop crying.” BoA replied, “He is such a good guy that cannot be found anywhere.” The movie, Wolf Boy is a piece of work that Song Joong Ki starred in, who also is playing the lead on KBS 2TV’s Good Guy. The movie has been a box office hit since its premiere on October 31. Netizens commented: “BoA seems to be in love with Song Joong Ki.” “I am going to go watch Wolf Boy.” “BoA is lovesick?”
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