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you guys remember my post from yesterday? ? turns out its broken and one of the smart-asses commented "i wish my road rash were that small," dude...look up cerebral palsy, regardless of my impairment i choose to persue my passion of freeride longboarding, im lucky i was ever able to ride and attitude like this is NOT what we need. Lets be nice to each other and share our wonderful stories... Dark blessings upon you all this Sunday morning.
aw that sucks dude:/ i know how that feels.. i broke my arm last year n had to get a few pins put in it to hold it all together, breaking bones suckssss! hope you get better soon n it heals fast!!!
Sorry man, thats awful! Best of luck, and keep us updated!
Hope you get better to shred another day
crack.@Mannith. microfractures along the length
did you break it, crack it or sprain it?
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