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If you’re down in the dumps because you won’t be able to see your beloved Kim Soo Hyun as king anymore on The Sun and The Moon, you’re not alone. No need to worry though, as we’ve created a list of destinations for you ultimate The Sun and The Moon fans, as the actors of the drama were spotted filming in all three locations! 1) Hwaseong Haenggung Palace ( ) The Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, which was built as a temporary palace during the late Joseon dynasty in the town of Suwon, underwent much reconstruction and restoration, until it was finally opened to the public in 2003. For those who want to know more about the palace facilities, just download the Suwon Hwaseong audio app on your Android or iPhone. This handy application knows exactly where you’re standing and will accurately narrate in detail the historical background of each area in the palace. Now if only this app was narrated in Jung Il Woo’s voice! 2) Korean Folk Village ( Another filming spot of The Sun and The Moon, the Korean Folk Village is the ultimate sought-after place for sageuk (historical dramas). The infamousDae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace), for example, was filmed here. Open all year, the village is a living exhibition of Korean cultural artifacts. Visitors and drama fans are able to experience first-hand the lifestyle of the people during the Joseon dynasty. The village showcases everything from a provincial governor’s office to a traditional marketplace, and K-Drama fans can even check out the haunted house exhibition. 3) Gyeonggi-do Yongin’s Dramia ( They say life is a drama, and you can’t argue against the fact the Korea is the land of all things drama. So it comes as no surprise when MBC actually built a drama village just for historical pieces. Aside from The Sun and The Moon, other sageuk including Jumong, Queen Seondeok, and Dongi, were filmed at MBC’s Dramia (Drama+Utopia) in Yongin. Unlike other sets which are demolished after filming, MBC’s Dramia is a permanent state-of-the-art drama set that realistically recreates ancient edifices. There are two drama tours you can take to immerse yourself in the full Korean drama experience. Visitors can try on traditional clothing worn by the actors and actresses themselves, and reenact scenes from sageuk scenes in Dramia′s very own studio. You can even shoot a bow and arrow like a real warrior. MBC’s Dramia also planning to create a hallyu center, as well as a hanok (traditional wooden house) for guests. So if you’re currently living and breathing The Sun and The Moon, why not visit these three locations and create your own ending?