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Blogging is a time-consuming process because you need to maintain several routines on a daily basis. The optimization aspects like keyword research, content sharing, backlink analysis etc, takes much time and effort. Consequently, many bloggers get overwhelmed and give up instead of embracing the tedious tasks necessary for blogging success. I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered which tools are best, with the lowest learning curve to facilitate the entire process… We sure have! Which is why we invited Irina Weber from SERanking.com to enlighten us as to which tools are the most productive and best organized to help you succeed as a blogger. Irina and her team have tested many tools of top productivity and blogging experts and have a good idea of what top performers in the blogging world are using to get through the day in a highly productive manner. Here’s an awesome list of SEO tools that can simplify and supercharge your blogging efforts… http://bit.ly/1xPCW4o