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Taylor Swift bị bạn trai cũ công khai châm biếm trên truyền hình

6 năm sau khi chia tay, John Mayer hiện vẫn buông những lời châm chọc cô bạn gái cũ Taylor Swift. Trên show truyền hình "The Late Late Show" vừa được phát sóng, nam ca sĩ đã đùa cợt về chuyện anh sắp dự lễ trao giải Grammy 2015.
"Các bạn có thể thấy tôi ở lễ trao giải Grammy và bị Taylor Swift tránh mặt như mọi khi", ngôi sao 37 tuổi nói để tấu hài trong show. "Điều đó sẽ chẳng làm Internet xôn xao chút nào".Các khán giả liền phá lên cười vì bình luận của John Mayer. Anh còn quay lại, giả vờ như đang vẫy tay với mọi người ở lễ trao giải Grammy và bị Taylor Swift ngó lơ.
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Taylor Swift's Director is Such a Petty Person OMFG
Alright, I don't even know where to start with this. So a music video director, Joseph Kahn, who is Korean American, has been accused of copyright many times before. He most recently worked on Taylor's newest video. Most famously and obviously, he is known for copying 2NE1's Come Back Home video: Now like, at this point, whatever right? 2NE1 are queens and a little copy pasting didn't harm them and its been 3 years so let's move on. Until petty Joe Shmoe had to drop this tweet after he, once again, was accused of copying (this time from Beyonce): THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS TWEET WTF. 1. Obscure kpop video LOL thats just disrespectful on so many levels. Disrespectful to 2NE1, disrespectful to the Kpop fandom as a whole, disrespectful to the director and other people who worked hard to create the music video. It's also like...wrong??? How can a 60million+ viewed video be obscure. He's clearly just a very insecure man. 2. North Korean basement woooooow what a shithead. Sorry for my language but joking about North Korea is such a low horrible move and I'm just like???????? Plus, Koreans still struggle with people assuming South Korea is just as starving and backwards as North Korea and have to work hard to remind people that no, we aren't brainwashed, no we don't eat dog, etc (im not saying north koreans are all brainwashed or eat dog, im just saying those are the horrible stereotypes I hear from ignorant people when I talk about liking Korean things...) For him, as a Korean American, to say spew this crap is just infuriating. Why keep bringing this up? Because you're pissed you got caught? Because you're petty? Because you're so insecure? Idek man but the north korean comment was just too far. money (i wont even say fame cause tbh he's not famous he just works for famous people lmao) makes you so ugly.