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What did you guys think of this version of the Boy In Luv video?
This video... is kind of awkward, hahahah.
I like the other one better they seemed like they didn't really know how to act around the girls lol XD Plus I really missed their epik dancing~ ^^ @danidee I completely agree!
I felt like they were trying too hard! BTS shouldn't have to try too hard! They're cool enough as it is. :)
@danidee Exactly what I thought. I really didn't like this version. definitely could've been better...
I'm not trying to start anything, so I hope no one takes offense. .. I'm just happy the the love interests were women of color... I've only ever seen that in a Jay Park MV and she was just the lead dancer... So this was very exciting for me, but ypu could sense how awkward it was. maybe the language barrier
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