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Morning rituals…we all have them. What are yours? The most popular ones tend to be brushing your teeth, making a cup of coffee or tea, going for a run, or planning out your day. We have all formed habits over time that help us get our day started. What if I told you that I know four morning rituals that will amp up your energy, health and life? Would you practice these four simple morning rituals daily? Or at least experiment with them for a month? If you’re a Lifehack enthusiast, you’ll love these four morning rituals that will work toward supercharging your overall health. http://bit.ly/1M2Rick
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i know all of it except the 4th one i didn't know morning sex is that useful
Sounds like another good reason to have sex, so I'm all for it! LOL
its reasons @danwest
Thanks for the article! :)
Hey @DanWest I'd love it if you shared the tips on the card so we can see them without clicking through the link :) Or you could share your own rituals with us!