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freestyle longboard advice
Hey guys I live in Miami so there arnt really any Hills here just a lot of parking garages and some bridges so I wanted to know are there any recommendations for longboards for freestyle skating? I want a long board but I also want to be able to do skateboard tricks while I cruise the city. Thanks.
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Check out the Landyachtz progression series. Even though I don't do freestyle riding I can say the loco 37" is a sweet board.
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talk to @steezus whenever he comes back. it's all he does
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freestyle decks and not a bigger skateboard? look up loaded and simple longboards
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original apex's/arbiter dk, Landyachtz progression series, Rayne's DK decks, Bustin Yofaces, Omen Sugar kick, earthwing's DK decks, jet's DK decks, Arbor DK decks, Ect.
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I'm here because someone said Omen Sugar kick. That person is correct.
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