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I was at home chilling when my bro calls me and says hey you have to meet me at the church. It's a church we longboard in their giant almost bowl shaped parking lot. I come riding in and there's 9 other longboarders there. So we our other friend showed up and there's 12 of us now just riding in the parking lot and they tell us to follow them and we followed them to a neighborhood with some sick hills. We had showed them a favorite spot of ours. Finally got a group to ride with.
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@ApolloSkating there were two doing slides the rest were cruising around.
Ik these feels I went to a local hill and met up with a random skater and we met up with some of his friends and now I'm part of Longboard Crew lol
@DrakeFreemantle it's pretty awesome.
yeah man feels good @RichardSchafer
sounds like the church of @steezus christ lol