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Curly hair have s-shaped ringlets and absorbs water easily. When hair is wet your curls are exaggerated but you may need some product to keep those curls defined once your hair drys.
Coily hair is similar to kinky and curly but the texture has visible coils and curls from a short distance. The coils are around 1/4 to 1/2 diameter and hair strands tend to be fine/thin. In addition, this hair type easily absorbs moisture.
Kinky hair can be described as coiled hair densely packed together. It can easily give off the illusion of no curl, but if you look closely you're see tiny coils. When wet your curl pattern becomes more visible but your hair can shrink up to 75%. This hair type tends to be very fine and more vulnerable to damage, so moisture is key!
Wavy hair has a less defined s-shape and the strand is straighter towards the end. This hair texture is generally thicker and cringes at the sight of a brush. In addition, it's prone to be frizz.
Straight natural hair texture usually thick and shiny. It is easier to style but is prone to humidity. However, you can easily control the frizz with serum.
Photo Credits: Le Coil, Hannah Saleh, Facehunter.
I am not sure what my type of hair would be categorized as. Half wavy???
I love wavy hair!
Nice to learn about the different natural hair textures.I used only categorized it as natural curly!