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After always going out to adventure (hiking, biking, skiing, whatever!) with the same people for a long time, you may decide to finally go out with someone new who has something awesome planned.
And when you do so, you should try to be the best adventure partner out there, so that you both have a great time! How do to that? Well....

Before Heading Out

- Make Solid Plans

Be clear about where you're meeting, how to get there (if you're leading the way), and discuss who is bringing what shared gear. Set a time to meet, and don't be late on the day of! Clear plans make for a better trip overall. You don't need to overplan, but you do need to plan the essential parts, like what you're bringing and when you're meeting.

- Get Fit & Stay Healthy

This one can't be done last minute, but it's safe to say that you want to be able to adventure, and that might mean preparing ahead of time. Don't go drinking the night before heading out, and eat right for a few weeks before hand so your body is ready to go!

While Adventuring!

- Be Ontime

Nobody likes to start really late when you planned an early start. If you need to, get up early and sleep early throughout the days ahead of your hike so you can be on time. Also, don't oversleep every morning if it's a more-than-one day trip.

- Be Prepared

Pack your stuff ahead of time, so you know if there's any last minute necessities you might need to borrow or go buy! If you pack last minute, you're more likely to forget important items. Make sure to bring all agreed upon shared items that you're responsible for! Oh, and pack food. Who doesn't pack food?!

- Be Respectful

If you did forget something, be honest about it and check with everyone else in the group if anyone has one to bother. Don't freak out, and if anybody get's annoyed with you, just apologize. I mean, you did forget it! Likewise, if someone else forget something, don't flip out at them: we all make mistakes! If you borrow someone's stuff and it breaks or gets lost, offer a replacement when you get home.


- Give their stuff back.

If you borrowed stuff, give it back. If something happened to it, offer to buy a new one. It's only fair.

- Be Grateful.

Say "Thanks! It was fun; let's do it again!" regardless of what it was like. Everybody wants to think they had a good time: let them.

- Get Permission to Post their Face Online

This may sound obvious, but check with them if they're ok with you posting photos of/with them to your Facebook/Instagram/Blog/Website/whatever. Some people just don't want to be online, so check first, and send them all the photos via email or something so they can give you the A-Okay.
Love that you put be respectful in here @happyrock. That is really key to any fun trip with other people.
@mikerosa92 @treedweller Seems like either of you would be great partners!
Really fantastic tips. @mikerosa92 is right: you can't be too prepared! It's better to be a little over prepared than annoyingly under prepared.
Great write up! A lot of people underestimate what you need to do to be prepared. You can never be too prepared..