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I've been reviewing these online and there is bacon, cinnamon, and blueberry pancake, but I'm looking into investing into some but i can't find any thorough reviews, has anybody had any experience with them before?
@BlakeRuss they slide good I haven't noticed wearing down that much.
Probly b the next pucks I buy but I've heard they don't slide quite as good as some other puck I've also heard they wear down fast!
I have. The bacon smells more like bacon jerky treats for dogs.
Good to know @RichardSchafer I was hoping they were just rumors I love the idea of smelly pucks
Yup I have holesom And they are pure epic personally I love the pink and I grinded them down to the point where they are sharp ash slanted to te way I put my hands on the floor it's comfortable they can feel off at first but you'll get used to them
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