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Using your tried and true inexpensive drugstore products you can mix up your own Clinique-style BB Cream. For the cost of just one brand name BB cream, you can mix enough to fill four bottles! Using products you already own, keep reading for the diy instructions.
This BB Cream DIY is ridiculously easy to do. Of the four ingredients on your list (that are most likely already in your cabinet), you need your go-to liquid foundation. Find something you know and trust from a drugstore. This is how you keep it inexpensive.
Foundation = 4 Tablespoons
Don't ever mix this without facial moisturizer. You want something non-greasy and easy on the skin. Nothing pore-clogging. Eucerin or Aveeno are good brands that are cheap and easy to pick up at the drugstore. Make sure it's something your skin is used to.
Moisturizer = 4 Tablespoons
Gotta have your sunscreen. I love what Kate Hudson said, "Early skincare maintenance postpones (elective) cosmetic surgery..." Keeping your skin hydrated and protected will extend the life of your skin. Treat it right!
Sunscreen = Two Tablespoons
Don't freak out! That's what I tell my mom. Lol. But the active ingredient in Monostate (and other) chafing gels is what bonds these ingredients together while giving the BB Cream its glide-on consistency. While it's not absolutely necessary to have this, it's going to elevate your cream to the next level.
Monostat Chafing Gel = Two Tablespoons
Don't forget about proper storage! You want to stay away from pots and sprays. You need something that has a pump application. You can find these almost anywhere. If you already have something that is clean and empty, then go for it. Otherwise you can hit your favorite drugstore, dollar store, or department store. It's up to you.
I love this BB Cream DIY recipe because it's fast, easy and you don't have to buy crazy items or microwave anything. A simple tablespoon is really all you need. If you want to make this in bulk as a gift item, which would be super cute, then keep your ratios the same. Meaning, if you want to measure in cups instead of tablespoons, the first two ingredients (foundation and moisturizer) are two-parts. Whereas the last two ingredients (sunscreen and chafing gel) are one-part.
All told, while you could pay $32 for Clinique BB Cream, which will go pretty quickly, you can use items that are already in your cabinet for about $8, depending on your brand or preference.
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I found this on http://www.instructables.com/id/diy-bb-cream/. As always, you need to listen to your body, so if you get a rash or acne appears, then obviously discontinue use immediately.
Much <3!
Hi @marshalledgar. Just so you know I tagged you in my latest CC Cream tutorial. You asked for it and so I delivered. Hope you like it <3
What about CC Cream? Do a card on that too. @daniaChicago
This a useful tutorial! One suggestion - I would probably not use a pump dispenser for bb cream simply because by the end of the bottle you'll have a hard time getting the foundation out. It'll be difficult to clean the bottle if you want to reuse it.
I love clinque! I have the same foundation and I also use their moisture surge product line for my dry skin.
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