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Katsucrunch is Real!
First off, a quick Taiga Aisaka progress shot!
I just finished the choker necklace, so I have very little left to do until this is done! This costume has been full of trial and error for me and I feel like I've learned a lot from it. Now I have to finish the rest of my costumes; the Katsucrunch is real!!
And also, it's my second time dying fabric! My first dye job a couple years ago was awful, it was my blue Ariel shirt. Up close it was terrible but from a distance it looked okay?? Hoping this one turns out well, fingers crossed! I'll be able to update once it's allll finished!
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I hope the dying went well!!
3 years ago·Reply
The patience you have for making costumes is to be admired.
3 years ago·Reply
The dress for Taiga looks cute!!
3 years ago·Reply
Hey, as long as the dye job ends up the right color you're good, right?
3 years ago·Reply