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I posted a card about this cosplayers awesome wig before, and after exploring his Youtube channel a bit, I found this really inspiring video.
The takeaway about body image and cosplaying? Do whatever the hell you want!! You may find that some cosplay purists think you should only cosplay characters that match your body type, but I really, really disagree with that. So what if you're not super buff and you want to be a strong character? So what if you're female and want to cosplay a male character? It shouldn't matter! What matters is that you identify with the character, and can't wait to bring them to life.
So forget your weight, hair color, body shape, shoulder width, and whatever else you think prevents you from cosplaying someone you really want to cosplay: just go for it!
I think I love this guy a little bit. That is such great advice! I never even thought it'd be weird to see a super skinny hulk or anything lol as long as people have fun!
I won't lie; it can be odd to see a character so different than you imagine, but it isn't wrong.
The best advice for any cosplayer. Seriously. As long as you are comfortable, it doesn't matter what others think!
@timeturnerjones I think I love him too, lol. @amog32 Different sure but doesn't mean I can't LOVE it! @vulpix Yes! This!