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Hello everyone! It's greggr, the creative writing community moderator.
As I mentioned last week, I'll be beginning our Creative Writing Community weekly writing feature posts again, and I hope that you'll all enjoy them, and get some motivation to write more by reading these pieces! I'll be making one card "sticky" at the top of the Community for a week, and also mention some other great posts you should be sure to read.
And so, here is the first week of February's Feature Pieces!

#1 Must Read:

This piece by @DJamesBreaux does a wonderful thing in taking a poet we know of (Edgar Allen Poe) and placing him into a position where he is being asked to help us, asked to inspire us, and asked to help find the ending. It's an interesting twist on how we perceive him. And, as usual, the writing is well done as to give us the necessary emotion, and imagery, as we move through the piece. Enjoy it, and give it some comments!
This card will be sticky on the recommended feed for one week.

Honorable Mentions:

This piece was already posted in the Community, but it's a fun read in the new single card style! Enjoy reading about a topic you might know nothing about: dumpster diving!
This piece was done as response to my prompt about AI Emotions, and it was a very well done response! The AI that is "waking up" to the world of emotion feels wonder, and the language does a great job of expressing that wonder.
This piece is a part of @orenshani7 's collection, Dancing Lessons for Non-Dancers, which I have been greatly enjoying so far. Each piece tells a part of a larger story, and I thought this section did a particularly great job of introducing a characters and creating a personality for her.
That's all for today, everyone! I hope you can get some inspiration from those pieces; please take the time to read them and leave some comments for the author's as well so we can continue to see some great pieces of writing in the Community. Looking forward to seeing what everyone will share this week!
Congrats everybody! Always enjoy reading these :)
@hikaymm No problem! Glad to see you guys liked them.
Thanks for the mention @greggr! I enjoyed the other pieces as well :)
@timeturnerjones Thank you for the comment. Always nice to have your feedback around the community.