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It's mating season and this male lizard is trying desperately to get his crush's attention. Stay strong, my friend! She'll notice you soon. Especially with that decorative red fan waving to and fro.
*Image notes: The shutter speed was really fast on a bright day in order to get this image. It took several tries to get the right shot since it felt pestered by my presence, but I persevered.*
Sure, I would love to learn how to do that. :)
Nice shot! Thanks for adding what you did to make the shot a success! It looks like (to me at least) that the shutter was fast enough to underexpose the photo a little bit. So everything turned a bit darker and less vibrant. If you slowed the shutter you would have had a blurred image so you were in a tough place. It's not a big deal though, very quickly fixed in post process. This is something I can help show you if you would like to learn! :)