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I've always been kind of confused by the extensive use of Snapchat, especially by those who still haven't realized that those photos are not really disappearing, but this story shocked me even more than anything else I've heard.
A teenager in Pennsylvania snapped a selfie of himself and a classmate and sent it to his friend over Snapchat. The twist? He had shot his classmate in the face first.
Beyond the entire psychological issue of shotting your classmate, how is it that technology and apps such as Snapchat have invaded our lives to such a degree that this has happened? The prosecurtor of the case said in his 30 years in this career, he has never seen a selfie taken by a murderer.
The friend that the message was sent to showed it to his mom, and it was then reported to police.
Why does someone think that this is an acceptable thing? Clearly, there is something very wrong in the psyche of people like this...
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That's so crazy...
@AnamariaNieves My condolences.
Woah, heavy...