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3 Bridal Hairstyles to Try for Spring

Airy Texture

A little romance mix with a bit of whisky. This soft, wispy, and air updo is the perfect style for those that are not quite into the sleek finish. If you are going with this look for your wedding, think “swept back” curls. It helps to curl your hair away from your face and avoid pinning anything on the sides too tight.

Voluminous Waves

Curly hairstyle is still a popular trend. However, try a less curly and more voluminous look this Spring. Give it a slight 1960’s vibe! If you are going with this look for your wedding, focus more on creating moveable volume and wave than on creating bouncy curls.


Braids, twists and wavy texture continues to be trendy for bridal hairstyle. This style is great because it’s sexy, but not overdone. What guy doesn’t love a natural beauty? If you are going with this look for your wedding, aim for natural looking curls with earthy details like braids, knots and twists.
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I've been married for 17 years but I can't help but browsing through wedding related things.
3 years ago·Reply
Voluminous wave looks hot. I really wanna try that!
3 years ago·Reply
Rated in terms of most favorite: #2, #1, #3 But all three are great hairstyles.
3 years ago·Reply
@nannysally, what makes browsing wedding stuff so irresistible? I'm so curious. I'm sort of obsessed with The Knot myself.
3 years ago·Reply
My mom and I were just talking about doing something similar in the first picture. SO PRETTY
3 years ago·Reply