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Next little longboard!!
My son is here and can't wait for him to get old enough to enjoy longboarding as much as the rest of us on this page but now for My question does anyone have any suggestions on a good age to introduce boards to him and start him skating?
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Congrats man! And id say once he can run, he can board
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What @IsaacPaulR said. My friend has a son who can barely walk that tries to get on my board whenever he is around it.
3 years ago·Reply
ok awesome thank you guys!
3 years ago·Reply
@PatrickConway Probably won't be skating for awhile! @IssacPaulR Is on point with that suggestion, once he can confidently run and not be falling over himself then he can board. Congrats on the kid!
3 years ago·Reply
@mikerosa92 thank you
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