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Kim Hye-soo appears as a white vampire in a campaign for Fissler Korea. Photography by Kang Young-ho and make up by Jung Saem-Mool. I'm not sure if it is a good campaign for letting people know the products but it sure is a creative way to sell cookware!
I totally agree with you. The expansion of Korean dramas... it's awesome! I'm so looking forward to seeing how far they reach.
looking at the expansion of Korean dramas and the interest that everyone shows to their music, I think I might understand why the Bible said that the Earth will belong to Asiatics....:D
I'm serious! What about black people with blue eyes? it is a matter of time...Koreans they own a treasure and they even don't know it! if they would translate all their tv shows they would make a lot, but a lot of money! they are staying on the top of gold and they do not realize that!
@bix2anca blue eyes Korean people... lol :D
I can't wait for blue eyes Korean people....:)