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Kim Hye-soo appears as a white vampire in a campaign for Fissler Korea. Photography by Kang Young-ho and make up by Jung Saem-Mool. I'm not sure if it is a good campaign for letting people know the products but it sure is a creative way to sell cookware!
I can't wait for blue eyes Korean people....:)
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@bix2anca blue eyes Korean people... lol :D
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I'm serious! What about black people with blue eyes? it is a matter of time...Koreans they own a treasure and they even don't know it! if they would translate all their tv shows they would make a lot, but a lot of money! they are staying on the top of gold and they do not realize that!
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looking at the expansion of Korean dramas and the interest that everyone shows to their music, I think I might understand why the Bible said that the Earth will belong to Asiatics....:D
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I totally agree with you. The expansion of Korean dramas... it's awesome! I'm so looking forward to seeing how far they reach.
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